Chinese ready program

We offer free consultation on how you should operate to attract more Chinese outbound travelers. Below is a list of the services we offer to help you with operation, distribution, and marketing.


  • Online:
  1. Prepare a Translation of Your Services or Products
  2. Prepare a Chinese Version of Your Website
  • Offline:
    1. Create Offline Materials in Chinese
      • Chinese brochures
      • Chinese price sheets
      • Chinese instructions or tutorials (for the activity)
      • Chinese mobile text or audio versions of your tour content
      • Chinese welcome and thank you signs
    2. Help you set up a Chinese-friendly Payment Method (Wechat pay/Alipay)
    3. Partner up with Chinese food vendor to prepare a Chinese Meal Plan 
    4. Help you hire and train Chinese Speaking Staff

Distribution/Channel Manager (You can think of us your outsourced Chinese Manager)

  • Distribute Through Online Chinese Tour Operators
  • Distribute to Chinese Offline Agencies

Marketing (Only recommended for middle to large-scale operators)

  • Set up and manage your Chinese social media account
  • Connect with Chinese travel influencers to promote your product
  • Create organic reach (SEO, Blog post creation, publish posts on UGC sites)
  • Paid campaigns management


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